Retrospective - adidas aZX Project (2007/08)

Back in 2007/2008, in the run up to that years Beijing Olympics, adidas launched the aZX project. adidas gathered a handpicked group of designers and well respected retail stores, gave them each a left of the alphabet & let them run riot on a ZX shoe of their choice. Now looking back at this project, and after digging a little bit deeper into it, you start to realise what a huge undertaking this was for adidas & the stores & designers taking part, I had imagined stores working of the shoe on their own turf & them frantically sending all of their colour & fabric compositions over to adidas just before the deadline. But this wasn't the case; adidas flew most, if not all, of the partners over to Germany to bash ideas off of each other & meet the other designers and get a sense of what they were going to create, because of course the last thing you would want is to find out your shoe is 80% similar to another partners' design. This all culminated in some truly great ZX designs, highlights for me were the Footpatrol ZX800, Goodfoot ZX8000, Patta ZX7000 & of course, the super limited Jacques Chassaing & Markus Thaler 'Ultimate Edition' ZX8000 shoes. The latter of these was produced to cap off the whole collection with a celebration & testement to the minds behind the adidas ZX, Jacques Chassaing & Markus Thaler. With one pair going to each of the stores & designers involved in the project (thats only 22!), including one pair going to the aZX competition winner and assumably a few pairs flying around adidas HQ, these pairs are truly rarer than rocking horse shit. Anyway, below is a selection of videos from the project, including an interview with Jacques Chassaing & Markus Thaler & you can view a few of the highlights of the pack at the top of this post (Images courtesy of Hypebeast). Enjoy!