Han Kjøbenhavn SS13 - The Death of the Uninspiring Lookbook

We have all seen them, lookbooks for the sake of lookbooks. Each full of dull, unoriginal photos & videos of some chap in the middle of a dilapidated forest or some 'urban playground' (cringe, I know) for seemingly no apparent reason, giving it the 'nonchalant look of the year' pose in front of the camera. Thankfully, this doesn't apply to everybody, and Han Kjøbenhavn have delivered come cracking, simple imagery and an even better video for theirs. Filmed in the brands' own city of Copenhagen & directed by Caspar Balslev, its a rather unusual affair, but top marks for originality. Look down for the video or up for the photos. Also, if anybody could sent in a postcard with the phonetic spelling of Han Kjøbenhavn, we would appreciate it very much. Ta. Caspar Balslev Website Han Kjøbenhavn Website Gear available from Oi Polloi http://vimeo.com/61179100