adidas Spezial - A Look Through The Window

Over 9 days throughout July, the Hoxton Gallery in London was home to the adidas Spezial exhibition. Unfortunately, due to living so bloody far away and travel/accommodation issues (Excuses, excuses, I know), I couldn't make it down there myself so I have been absorbing the numerous videos & countless photos & tales from the event instead, not comparative to being there, but hey-ho. Curated by Mr. adidas & brand & marketing consultant for adi for countless years, Gary Aspden along with help from Mike Chetcuti & a handful of adi collectors including Robert Brooks, the event has been talked about for some years and has stalled for various reasons each time. With previous mentions of the exhibition taking place in Liverpool in 05/06  & later it happening in Manchester, but concerns by the galleries about it being too 'narrow' if it was just about adidas were one of the factors in it never coming to fruition until now. Less an exhibition made exclusively for the new breed of 'sneakerhead', but more of an in-depth look at the variety of adidas catalogue from a "very UK perspective', thus including well known & relatively easy to attain silhouettes such as the navy/white Gazelle & Sambas Supers to vintage rarities like OG Jeans, Robert Haillets (The player first used to endorse the now 'Stan Smiths' before Stan Smith) & the mythical adidas Cords [Provided by Noel Gallagher (thanks, Gary)]. Below is a list of links that I have found have given a great insight into the event, so enjoy.

"I'm not a sneakerhead. Up north we call them TRAINERS." - Gary Aspden.


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