Soulland SS14 'Katastrophe' Video

It can sometimes be a little bit difficult to spot fakers from the real deal, but there is absolutely no doubt under which of those umbrellas Denmark's Soulland fit under. Starting life as handmade t-shirts (as all great brands do; ah-hem) back in 2002, Soulland has stuck to its stripped down & 'straight-edged' Scandinavian roots as it has grown into the almost fully formed creative beast that it is today.
When the brand started I just wanted to make t-shirts with my friends and skateboard all the time. - Silas Alder - Soulland Founder & Designer
Personally speaking, I am looking forward to Soullands sweat offerings, which in past seasons have been particularly standout. Anyway, below is their 'made for internet' show video for their SS14 togs which is soundtracked by the fucking brilliant 'Skateboarder' by Nocolas Malinowsky. So yeah, Soulland is the real deal.