The Cartocon Co. x Highland 2000

Its no secret that the disposable nature of so called 'fast-fashion' has made a lot of people forget that the clothes & other items that they buy can (and should) last longer than 4 months without falling into disrepair & to start to literally some apart at the seams. This has always been something that we wanted to combat in our own small way, by making sure everything that we put out meets a certain standard & has longevity to it. With this in mind, we are proud to release a small collection of accessories made by English knitwear specialists, Highland 2000. Based in Mansfield, Highland 2000 is a family-owned company who made some truly top-drawer gear which is all Made in England & made from 100% British wool. As most of their wares are made especially for the Japanese market, we are proud to be able to bring you a small slice of what they have to offer to you, freezing-cold British folk.

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