New for 2014: Reading

What is reading? Well, apparently its something that has been out for ages, now. I first came across it when I started to wonder what those ciphers & symbols next to the bright & colourful photos & pictures in a magazine were. At first I assumed they were just arbitary bits of shaped ink to fill in the white space where pictures of trousers just wouldn't fit, or maybe they were a complex series of magic eye puzzles? I was stumped and I gave up on trying to find out what they were. Surely the best bits would be the big bright pictures & not the parts that I couldn't work out and made me concentrate and thus hurt my brain. Then it dawned, they were letters! Letters that were placed in a certain order to create these things called 'words'! Memories of being forced to look at and decrypt these shapes when I was at little school started to reappear inside my aching head. It turns out that quite a lot of information is held inside these 'words' and 'sentences'. Sentences are when the 'words' are placed in a certain order, that when read is like hearing a voice in your head chatting to you and telling you things. Pretty mad stuff. To celebrate this new fad, we are now stocking four word & picture collages (magazines for short). These are now available in our online store, so get onboard with this reading stuff and get one. P.S. The best bit is, all of the above you have just 'read'. Its amazing how 'school stuff' stays in your head, isn't it.   [products ids="3874, 3873, 3856, 3843" skus=""] proper1 proer2 nt4 nt1 gt4 gt1 bs2 BS1