Introducing - Gordy's Camera Straps

Nothing better than a product so simple & reliable that you forget it exists, is there. This is exactly what a Gordys leather camera strap will be like after its been hanging on your neck for 10 minutes. Gordy's Camera Straps have been around since 2005 and have become a much loved alternative to the over-branded stock camera straps that are knocking about. Gordys straps are all 100% handmade in the U.S.A (Seattle if your asking) and are made from Californian Latigo belt leather with a polished outer skin and a raw inner surface and are finished with a length of waxed cotton cord to either end of the strap. Gordy's make a whole host of different styles of leather camera strap, but we have two styles, the leather wriststrap & the adjustable leather neck strap (available in two lengths). Both straps are super-stong and can hold over 11kgs in weight no bother (see here) and come with small rubber bumpers that can tighten the strap to your wrist and stop damage to the camera where the split-ring attachment meets the side of the unit. Over the past few years, Gordys has accumulated a large cult-like following amongst American camera owners, take a look at the ever-increasing Flickr stream here. We are pleased to be only one of two stockist of Gordy's straps in the UK (the sole stockist of the adjustable strap) and look forward to stripping the customs charge from anybody wanting to get hold of one as you no longer have to buy from the U.S.A! [products ids="4057, 4055, 4054, 4037, 3950, 3949, 3946, 3944, 3942, 3921" skus=""]