Introducing Knight Mills

We are super pleased to be able to offer a line of handmade rugs & mats from Knight Mills, the label created by Sacha Knight formally of esteemed leather Hyde-SK. In-between Sacha's work with her brands Hyde-SK & starting Knight Mills, she also has worked with the likes of Stussy, APC & P.A.M. Knight Mills rugs are beautifully crafted & are all handmade in india and come in two size options. The current Knight Mills rugs all follow the native American navajo style & each one is unique due to its handmade nature. The quality of these rugs & mats is unreal & it is a little difficult to put that across when viewing them on a screen, but rest assured, these are the business. Each Knight Mills rug & mat comes in a custom canvas printed presentation bag. Keep an eye out for the Knight Mills canvas bags & totes that will be arriving with us in the next month or two, too. Click here to view the Knight Mills collection.   [products ids="4352, 4351, 4353, 4354" skus=""] Knight-Mills-Mat Knight-Mills-Rug-Bag Knight-Mills-Rug Knight-Mills-Rug2 Knight-Mills-Rug3 Knight-Mills-Rug4