Introducing - Shoes Like Pottery

Pretty exciting times here at Cartocon, as today we get to share with you the first footwear brand that we have chosen to bring to our store. The brand in question is Shoes like Pottery. Created by the Japanese 'MoonStar', Shoes like Pottery shoes undergo a unique construction process known as 'ka-ryu' (fancy, eh..), which in plain english means that each shoe gets fired in a kiln (a-kin to pottery, aha!) which creates a chemical reaction inside the rubber sole, which makes the rubber much more flexible & durable & therefore much less prone to come away from the canvas with extended wear. We have had our eyes on Shoes Like Pottery for a good while now, and only this year have they been able to be sold from the UK and we are glad to be able to share these with you. Take a closer look at the shoes below [products ids="5949, 5942, 5924"] _DSC0246 _DSC0271 _DSC0282 _DSC0284 Shoes-Like-Pottery-Black1 Shoes-Like-Pottery-Indigo1 Shoes-Like-Pottery-White1