Made in Britain

Here at The Cartocon Co, were are proud to offer a large range of items made right here in Scotland and the rest of the UK. All of our own accessories & homewares are made right here in Scotland, from our handwoven lanyards & homewards to our canvas wallets and waxed cotton tote bags. This also stems to the other designers & brands we stock such as Terra Core & Knight Mills. We have compiled a page to give you quick access to all the UK-made itms that we stock on the store - click here to view them > 2345 11111 Travel-Wallet-Olive-10 Travel-Wallet-Olive-4 Sunglasses-Pouch-6 Sunglasses-Pouch-4 Sunglasses-Pouch-1 TerraCore bracelet TERRA 17 10 kb3 yu cu1 ws3 wa12 wa6 la4 lab kf1 l2 l3