Laboratory Perfumes - Amber & Gorse Available Now

Founded back in 2011, UK-based Laboratory Perfumes set out creating unisex scents & perfumes that would slightly alter & react as they are worn throughout the day. With a strict focus on creating their perfumes with natural oils, Laboratory Perfumes have gained a cult status in their 5 short years. Their first scent, 001 Amber, is a scent that Laboratory Perfumes says evokes the scent of the British coast and slowly reveals its multi-layered scent throughout the day. The second Laboratory Perfumes scent, 002 Gorse, bottles the scent of gorse bushes & carries a subtle coconut essence & that smells much crisper than the Amber scent.

Coming in large 100ml bottles and a tubular presentation box, Laboratory Perfumes are welcome alternatives to the typical offerings from the usual luxury brands.

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