Satta - New AW16 Collection

Satta - New AW16 Collection

Satta are back again at CARTOCON with part one of their new aw16 collection.

Headed up by Joe Lauder, Satta is a brand that has an authentic personal feel and one that truly reflects the lifestyle of its founder. Satta started life in 2007 after a formative trip to the Amazon jungle with a close friend that led Joe to pursue a life working with nature & natural materials. Soon after, Joe set up Studio Satta whilst he was living in Melbourne Australia, a project that grew into one that touched on woodworking, surfing, skateboarding & landscaping.

Satta has now grown into a brand where natural materials, handmade elements and a clear design-led vision come together.

This first part of the aw16 Satta collection features its unique graphic t-shirts with artwork referencing the 1958 novel, The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac as well as handmade incense and the ever popular Satta caps.

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