Esa Recorded at Kasheme, Zürich, 15/04

Esa Recorded at Kasheme, Zürich, 15/04

Esa recorded at Kasheme, Zürich, 15/04.

CARTOCON Soundsystem presents Esa (AWEH) @ Beat Generator Live, Sat, 21 May 2022. Click here to buy tickets.

Cartocon presents Esa Williams. The first in a run of events we will be hosting this year to celebrate our 10th birthday.

Born in Cape Town Esa Williams is always drawing from his cultural roots and global travel, fusing Kwaito house and afro disco with gritty techno and deep percussive grooves. A producer, DJ and curator, Esa is a true musical polymath.

Ever-charismatic, he sparks intrigue in his listeners, inviting them to accompany him as he creates something special - both in-studio and on the dance floor.

The Sub Club resident and Worldwide FM regular is sure to have something in his bag to entertain people from all walks of life. So come through and celebrate 10 years of CARTOCON with us and Esa.